GeoAS Toolpad

Some small but useful features for MapInfo Professional


Search & Replace

Clip & Export (a lot of formats)

Physical Order by and Save

Excel Export (no auto format)

Table Browse Dialog

MapCAD Cells (vektor symbols)



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The GeoAS Toolpad enhanced MapInfo Professional to include functions that facilitate your daily work and tap into new application areas.


Clip and Export


Allows cutting and export any map sections and the open vector layers in various CAD / GIS formats.


Optionally with the Universal Translator for OGR Converter Following formats can be exported: AutoCAD DXF / DWG, ESRI SHP, GML, MapInfo TAB and Microstation DGN. Additional functions:

  • Takeover of attribute data in the export file

  • Cut objects at the export border

  • Consideration of arcs

  • Converting in the background


Search and replace


With the Search and Replace text and numeric data can be searched in tables and replaced by other values. This is useful especially with larger datasets in order to find mistakes or unify differing spellings. This improves data quality and increases the possibilities of analysis of data.


Before the actual replacement can be carried out a search and inspection. When inadvertent incorrect entries is a rollback available. When searching both uppercase and lowercase letters, multiple occurrences as well as the exact position of the affected string may be considered.





The records of a table can be sorted in the browser window (temporarily) or in the original table (physically). Temporary be considered each ascending or descending sort up to four columns. The Sort numerically text option allows numerically sort of columns with the data type Text. For example, adresses (Mainstreet 223), Postal codes with leading zeros (06653).



 Excel Export


With the function Excel Export open MapInfo tables or queries can be passed to Microsoft Excel. Also column headings and field formats are considered correctly. This feature is useful for users who have previously used the MapInfo function for printing out table windows.





The Table dialog provides an editable display window, offering numerous sorting, calculation and selection functions to facilitate working with tables.


By filtering columns, the columns to be displayed can be selected.

When grouping the aggregate functions are automatically performed on all numeric columns and displayed (Sum, Min, Max and Average).

The search filter can perform both numerical (<, <=,>,> =, -) as well as text searches.
In addition to manually entering the search terms there is also a browse list of all values in the selected column.

The selected records can be displayed in the map or opened in an new browser window.





With the Photolayer pictures or other raster data can be displayed directly in a map window at an arbitrary position.


When reading data with Camera GPS coordinates (e.g. from smartphones and tablet PCs) the photos are positioned directly at the pickup location. More functions:

  • Place Picture Frames

  • Delete Picture Frames

  • Update Picture Frames