MapCAD for developer

Include MapCAD Features
into your own MapBasic App

MapInfo MapCAD is an Add In for MapInfo Pro to fulfill the need of users and especially tasks related with Land Development and Surveying. The solution provides you with more than 50 additional construction (CAD) capabilities. MapCAD is free of charge and automatically installed and startet with MapInfo Pro.

Execute external routines via MapBasic

The Exec () function is a new function in MapBasic and has been available since version 17. It can be used to call routines from other MapBasic programs.

Calls a function or subroutine in a specified mbx. This works from a compiled mbx, or from Pro in a label expression, smart text, or sql select expression or in the mapbasic window. This exposes the ability to call a function or subroutine in a loaded mbx/addin. You can call this function from the MapBasic window in MapInfo Pro.

Return Value
Whatever the function being called returns in the return value of this function.

dim result = Exec(mbxname as string, mbxfunction as string, params...)

We have prepared many MapCAD functions. The functions can be called up without dialogues and settings. All required parameters are transferred directly as a parameter list when called.

MapCAD Tools executable via Exec() function

Not all 50 tools can be called via parameters. Here is the list of executable tools.

  • CreateParallel
  • CalcAngle
  • CalcDirection
  • CartesianDirection / SphericalDirection
  • ReverseLineDirection
  • SplitToLines
  • ConvertToLine
  • LineIntersectionPoint
  • CreateSpline
  • CreateScaledObject
  • MirrorHorizontal
  • MirrorVertical
  • FitObjects
  • RotateText
  • CircleFromPointsXY (build 34)
  • ArcFromPointsXY (build 34)