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Ribbon Designer SDK MapCAD general
May I use the Ribbon Designer for real .NET applications?

Frank (customer): May I use the Ribbon Designer for real .NET applications? Without going through a MapBasic sub? What about callings with parametrers?

Michael (support team): Yes, of course. The Ribbon DLLs can be integrated into your own .NET environment, and you can specify the methods directly for the calling.


Need generated Ribbons a license?

Steven (customer): Need generated Ribbons a license?

(support team): No. Only the Ribbon Designer requires a license. The .NET dll's to execute the applications can be freely given.



Use of the Cosmetic Layer

The coordinates system of the Cosmetic Layer cannot be changed. Primarily there are no changeable boundaries there. At a high precision request this layer shouldn't be used for CAD. Significant faults can arise. In addition, the Cosmetic Layer is also used for help-designs and should be empty to this end.



High end construction is not possible within a projected map. It depends on the projection whether a map is isogonal or isometric (or neither). Both can never be correct. This is not a MapCAD or MapInfo problem but the precondition that an illustration of the bent earth works in the two-dimensional level at all. The only isogonal and isometric projection is Non-Earth.

However, MapCAD offers the possibility to increase the calculating precision for world projections, too. This can be achieved by delimitating the map boundaries in the settings menu.

Projections in Lat/Lon offer the lowest precision rate since they generally cover the whole world. Additionally, they don't have any boundaries.

At any rate it makes sense to use the same projection for tables, the map window and MapInfo’s session settings as well.


Snap to object nodes

To snap nodes or select objects MapCAD uses a catch circle of its own in numerous functions. You recognize the snap tolerance by the changed cursor icon. This catch circle radius is dynamic. This means that the objects which are coverd by the visible cursor are always selected. Zoom in, if too many objects are found.

Three different cursor sizes can be chosen in the settings menu.
MapCAD only works with selecting tables. It therefore makes sense not to set all tables on selecting. Through this the performance is increased and wrong selections will be avoided.