MapPlot - A powerful Print/Plot tool for MapInfo Professional.


Select paper size and scale, and your're ready to print - it's as simple as that! Numerous options, like grid-crosses and coordinates labeling, etc. refine your printing.

And if formatted templates are desired all requirements are provided by MapPlot to prepare professional printings.

Please notice: MapPlot is not operable for Lat/Lon!

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If zoom settings are assigned to map window layers, it depends on the chosen scale if a particular layer will be visible in the plot window or not.

This can be avoided by choosing the option "What you see is what you get" to print each layer visible in the base map window irrespective of its scale.

Standard MapInfo cannot highlight selected map window objects in the layout window. The MapPlot "Selection - Reperesentation" option enables you to choose a style and display the selection.