Form Templates  

MapPlot - A powerful Print/Plot tool for MapInfo Professional.


Select paper size and scale, and your're ready to print - it's as simple as that! Numerous options, like grid-crosses and coordinates labeling, etc. refine your printing.

And if formatted templates are desired all requirements are provided by MapPlot to prepare professional printings.

Please notice: MapPlot is not operable for Lat/Lon!

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Forms are the most elegant and most efficient way to print your maps. Create your own layouts and store them as form presentations.

For example, the presentation could contain a simple heading and stamp frame:









However, complex forms containing various data fields or tabular listings besides the map window can be designed as well. To display information of specific datasets, these have to be selected first.




Since the program processes selections consecutively, you can also generate print series.

The selected data fields and tables are handled separately for each object: