Easy Print/Plot  

MapPlot - A powerful Print/Plot tool for MapInfo Professional.


Select paper size and scale, and your're ready to print - it's as simple as that! Numerous options, like grid-crosses and coordinates labeling, etc. refine your printing.

And if formatted templates are desired all requirements are provided by MapPlot to prepare professional printings.

Please notice: MapPlot is not operable for Lat/Lon!

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The easiest way to get a paper map with MapPlot is the Plot Map menu.

On the following dialog, simply paper size and scale have to be chosen - the result is ready to be printed directly, edited (e.g. for additional entries) or to be displayed as a preview.




In particular, the plot options may be helpful: grid-crosses, frames, markings, scale and north arrow can be printed optionally.

Finally, after having found your optimal settings, these can be stored in a plot frame. All plot frames are listed in the corresponding menu and can be selected directly without displaying the plot dialogs before.