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Some small but useful features

Search & Replace

Clip & Export (a lot of formats)

Physical Order by and Save

Excel Export (no auto format)

Table Browse Dialog

MapCAD Cells (vektor symbols)



The MapCAD OEM version comes with MapInfo Professional and is free of charge. It will support you with a lot of functions for drawing and designing with MapInfo in many cases. You find MapCAD in the tools menu.


A powerful Print/Plot tool. Select paper size and scale, and your're ready to print - it's as simple as that! Numerous options, like grid-crosses and coordinates labeling, etc. refine your printing. And if formatted templates are desired all requirements are provided by MapPlot to prepare professional printings.

Ribbon Designer SDK

MapInfo Pro 64-bit - Create your own ribbons on a very simple way.


Here is the solution!

The Ribbon Designer SDK
for MapInfo Pro 64-bit.

So MapBasic still works!


This SDK allows you to create and modify the ribbon interface in a very simple way. No special skills are required. Generate your own buttons and controls with a graphical userinterface - even without writing a line of code.

With the Ribbon Designer SDK the ease of use returns. It's more straightforward than it ever was using the 32 Bit version.


Very low effort

No .NET skills required

Graphical userinterface

Fits seamlessly into any MapBasic application

Fits seamlessly into any .NET application

Contains 'alter control' command for MapBasic to modify controls during the term

The SDK requires a license. Generated apps do not!

Product is available













30 days trial are free. If you want it (and you will), the price is US $ 999 for a single license.

The purchase pays off for itself within a single application.



In case of any questions or to get an offer
contact Michael Jäger:

Code Example

This code is final. No matter how many controls are needed.

Each additional ribbon/button: 0 lines (instead of ~100)

Any change: Drag and drop or modify via Designer rather than reprogramming a lot of source code.

All .NET methods are stored in two DLLs. The ribbon add-in is a simple XML-File.

For more details:

Ribbon Developer SDK - Help

Sample HelloWorld

Sample HelloWorld .NET

Sample DisplayHide

Sample OpenTable

Sample SendParameter