Tools for MapInfo Pro  


Hi, we are the MapCAD guys !

We not only make great CAD tools. There are a lot of other Tools for MapInfo Pro made by AGIS that make working with MapInfo easier.

Our newest tool the GeoTracker is a GPS Tracker and Recorder. This tool runs on MapInfo Pro 17+ and is much easier than any tools that exists before.

And especially the Ribbon Designer is recommended. If you also want to easily make your own programs for MapInfo on 64-bit, then this tool is a must have.

Check out which tools are available and how they work. Or go to our download center. There are trial versions of many tools - both 64-bit and 32-bit.



GeoAS Tools for MapInfo Pro




Generate ready-to-use plot pages in a MapInfo layout window.

The tool provides various settings to choose from and save as a template - Scale, paper size, text boxes, logos, images, date, north arrow, coordinates or grid crosses.

300 EUR





Display and record continuously the current position of your desktop or mobile device. Your device requires a GPS interface (Windows API) and enabled access location access.

Detected GPS coordinates will be projected in latitude/longitude and stored in a MapInfo table.

200 EUR





A collection of very usefull tools for daily work with MapInfo.

Clip Export, Excel Export, Search & Replace, Photolayer, Sort, Enhanced Mesurement, Google Maps connector, Object Labeling, WMS Remover

250 EUR




Ribbon Designer / SDK

With this Designer and Software Development Kit MapInfo Controls (Ribbons, Groups, Buttons) can be created and modified very easily.

No special knowledge is required. Create your own buttons without writing a single line of code.

1400 EUR





MapInfo MapCAD is an add in to MapInfo Pro for land development and surveying tasks.

This set of powerful CAD drawing tools extends basic MapInfo Pro drawing functionalities to make working with graphical objects even easier.

MapCAD installs automatically with MapInfo.
You can find it in the Tools Manager.