About AGIS  

We think complex to make it easy for you

Whether standard or custom products: Since 1989 we develop with the latest technical capabilities customer-oriented solutions to analyze, visualize, capture and care for your spatial data.

Receive comprehensible information from fragmented tables and unstructured maps immediately - affiliations, implications and interdisciplinary relations become transparent right away.

With our advice, our data products and services we lead you to success!

Success requires partnership

AGIS is 

  • MapInfo® Training center and strategic partner
  • FME® Distributor (Feature Manipulation Engine)
  • Partner of large data producers
  • Member of the German umbrella organization for geoinformation (DDGI)
  • Certified training centre

To make you succeed, we have much to offer

  • Desktop, Mobile and Internet solutions for spatial data
  • Advice and support
  • Data conversion and enrichment
  • Quality management
  • Interface Development
  • Provider for Geodata
  • GIS Training Center
  • Spatial Data Management Seminars