Tools for MapInfo Professional  
New features


MapCAD 12.0

Calculation coordsys based on bounds from editable layer

MapCAD 11.5

Create Text from database

MapCAD 11.0

Orthogonal Points


Cumulative Measurement line

MapCAD 10.5

Create rorated rectangles with offsets in one step.

Now metes and bounds are supported for creating polylines, calculating direction and move objects.

MapCAD 10.0

Create rotated rectangles.

MapPlot 4.9

Rotated Plot supports raster data















MapInfo MapCAD – Designing and Drawing

44 functions for drawing and designing with MapInfo Professional

The MapCAD OEM version comes with MapInfo Professional and is free of charge. It will support you in your work with MapInfo in many cases. You find MapCAD in the tools menu.

For more advanced needs, there is a MapCAD Professional version, which provides an additional cell-toolbar. This version is not free of charge and provides additional useful functions for using own vector symbols.

MapPlot – A powerful Print/Plot tool

Select paper size and scale, and your're ready to print - it's as simple as that! Numerous options, like grid-crosses and coordinates labeling, etc. refine your printing. And if formatted templates are desired all requirements are provided by MapPlot to prepare professional printings.

Please notice: MapPlot is not operable for Lat/Lon!


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